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Time for Bathroom Talk

Time for Bathroom Talk

Time for Bathroom Talk

Some people have concern that their full bowels may be to blame for some excess weight. While certainly that may be part of it, there are healthy ways to deal with that issue (such as drink more water and eat more fiber) and other not-so-healthy alternatives, regardless of the fact that they promote quick weight loss.

Manufacturers and marketers of colon cleansers and laxatives (they’re both the same thing) want you to think that your colon isn’t capable of doing its job, but they’re wrong. It’s very capable; as long as you give it the water and fiber it needs to do it.

In actuality, when you use products like those, you’ll likely get the opposite effect of a weight gain instead of a loss. That’s because they dehydrate your body so it starts to retain water. Also, if you take laxatives regularly, your colon will begin to rely on them. It will become lazy and won’t function as intended.

That’s why it’s better to just leave your colon alone and let it do its job. Only use products like these when you need them, not as a catalyst to losing weight.




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